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Welcome to the Official Wargate: Heroes Wiki!

Space Rhino Games are pleased to announce the launch of the limited beta release of Wargate: Heroes. The beta, which is only available for iOS 8 devices iPhone 5S or higher, is the next step in the development of the original game Wargate: Heroes. This new version includes many new features such as a 3 vs 3 game mode and player controlled units.

Click here to sign up and be among the first to play Wargate: Heroes, the evolution of competitive strategy games!

To take part in the beta, sign up at the link — next week Space Rhino Games will email you a beta invitation with instructions on how to install the game on your device. They will be holding play test sessions all through the month of February and will be updating the beta every week as they continue development. There are limited spots to test the beta, so they're adding people on a first come, first served basis.

The testing schedule for the month of February will also be released next week to everyone that signs up, as well as information to join a live Q&A session with the development team.

About Wargate: Heroes

Wargate: Heroes, a new type of competitive strategy game, offers 3v3 matches, player controlled Hero units and other features that mix multi-player strategy games and tower defense gameplay.

In Wargate: Heroes, the player defends their Bastion tower from the menacing Void. To accomplish this task they will take control of legendary Heroes, build a mighty Guardian army, and wield powerful Battle Cards. The Void is invading all realities trying to satiate it endless hunger for life. The team that fails to push back the unrelenting Void are consumed, leaving the victor to fight another day. The key to victory is crippling your opponent and making them vulnerable to the Void.

Accent.png 3 vs 3 Team Matches

While each player must defend their lane and bastion, only with a combined team effort will they fend off the incoming Void and the opposing team’s attack while setting up an offensive of their own. Teleport through the rift and send your Hero and Battle Cards to attack and overwhelm the opponent’s defenses or to help out your ally in battle.

Heroes: Player Controlled Unit

These units will be player controlled, receiving movement and targeting commands by tapping on the screen and come equipped with auto attacks, passive abilities, and player-activated skills. Each Hero has a role and a set of skills that will play a critical part in the player’s strategy, as no two Heroes are alike.

Upgrade Your Heroes

Transform your Heroes and Guardians into legendary warriors to hold off the Void's increasingly stronger beasts.

Use Battle Cards

Create battle cards and wield their power to shift the tide of war: summon war machines, cast blazing meteors, send healing drones, boost your guardians with the power of lightning, and much more.

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